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American Angus Auxiliary Full Circle Online Auction - Thursday September 27, 2018 Auction Ends 7pm CDT

Item Description
1.Lot/Tag: 1
Consignor: Schnoor Family
Name: 5 Nights At A Vacation Home in Alpine, WY.
Link: 5 nights at a vacation home in Alpine WY
Value: $2,000.00
Footnote: Enjoy the Big Views and the Mountain Air! This 5 Bedroom multi-level home" is located in Alpine, Wyoming just a few short miles outside of Jackson Hole. This multi-level home is the perfect getaway! This home offers privacy and outstanding views of the Wyoming Mountains from 2 decks. Walking access to fishing and hiking areas. Ride your ATV or Snowmobile from this home to Hundreds of Miles of Wilderness trails. Views of Lake Palisades can be seen from the upper deck. Amazing Kitchen with Professional Series Appliances. Two fireplaces, large Big screen TV and media center, sleeps 10. 3 full bathrooms make it easy to accommodate large groups. A pool table is provided and sunsets from this home are amazing! A nice grass yard and paved driveway make enjoying the outside of this home as easy to do as the inside. Black out months are January, February and March.
2.Lot/Tag: 2
Consignor: Mindemann Farms, Inc.
Name: Angus Mailbox-Handpainted
Value: $550.00
Footnote: Custom designed, X-Large galvanized steel USPS Box, painted and clear coat with automotive paint for outdoor use. Personalized with your information. Shipped from Wisconsin - 13lbs. 25"x15"x12" boxed
3.Lot/Tag: 3
Consignor: Idland Cattle Co.
Name: 20 Straws of Semen: JVC Cavalry, ICC Pay Raise, Musgrave Aviator & ICC Progressive
Link: 17784803 17974694 17264774 18816805
Footnote: 5 Straws - JVC Cavalry V3326 - $22,000 top selling bull in the 2014 Jocko Valley Bull Sale where he posted great genomic scores.  This big stifled, robust herd sire has lots of length, capacity, performance and eye appeal.  80 progeny on Cavalry in 10 herds post BR99, WR103, YR103 on AHIR. His sire was the $92,000 top selling bull in the 2012 Connealy Angus Sale. / 5 straws - ICC Pay Raise 4886 - He's a superstar on paper, he is even better with his phenotype. One-half interest recently sold to ABS Global. 4886 was the leadoff and $22,000 top-selling bull in the 2015 Idland Cattle Co. Bull Sale. This remarkable beef bull has the unique combination of traits along with unsurpassed consumption and conversion to make him a breed leader for the next decade. If you want power, stature and eye appeal with moderate birth, this stud blends the best from his two closest sires. Dam production: 4BW@96, 4NR@102, @YR@105. She is a very feminine, attractive, moderate, correct donor while the Pathfinder granddam posts 9BR@96, 9NR@102, 7YR@105 and produced in the ICC ET program until 17 years of age / 5 Straws - Musgrave Aviator - The cowman's favorite at ORIgen...he is medium framed, full bodied and really thick, real world approved, phenotypically correct and super easy fleshing. Aviator is setting the industry standard for calving ease, muscle and phenotype. Homozygous TT for the Leptin gene that improves feed efficiency, appetite, marbling and maternal strength. High accuracy EPDs, great feet and docile disposition. Already used in 37 herds with 420 progeny posting AHIR ratios of BW 97, WW 100, YW 101, YH 100, SC 103, MT 97, RE 102, Rib Fat 96 & Rump Fat 99. Eleven first calf daughters post an average nursing ratio of 101 in 4 herds. / 5 straws - ICC Progressive - The $50,000 top selling bull of the Midland Bull Test and a son of Basin Payweight 1682 back to the Mill Coulee Barbara K905 cow makes for an impeccable pedigree.  This low birth high spread bull reads with an excellent epd profile.
4.Lot/Tag: 4
Consignor: CJ Brown
Name: Painting
Value: 300+
Footnote: The piece is a tryptych or three prints which make up one scene. The first print is titled Building the Dream and features an Angus cow that has just calved. The second or middle portion is titled Living the Dream and features a big red barn with a barn quilt on it. In front of the barn is a pond and in the foreground are Angus cows. The barn quilt has a silhouette of an Angus heifer interwove in the design of it. Center panel was specially designed as the 50th Anniversary NJAS Class winner award.  The third panel to the piece is titled Loving the Dream and features the farmhouse. Walking down the lane in front of the house are two juniors leading a heifer. The middle panel is also the award for the class winners. The three panels will be offered framed.  No shipping this needs to be picked up at NAILE or Convention.
5.Lot/Tag: 5
Consignor: ORIgen Embryo Technologies
Name: Aspiration and IVF Services for 2 Donors
Value: $2,000.00
Footnote: OET is donating aspiration and IVF services for 2 donors. There is no limit on the number of produced. Buyer is responsible for shipping expenses. OET will cover the travel expenses.
6.Lot/Tag: 6
Consignor: Maryland Angus Women's Club
Name: 10 Maryland Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes
Value: $150.00
Footnote: 10 Maryland Crab Cakes will be shipped to the buyer at the Maryland Angus Women's Club expense.
7.Lot/Tag: 7
Consignor: Rains Angus
Name: Children's Play Barn and Wooden Cows
Value: $150.00
Footnote: Children's play barn and wooden cows. Handmade. Great playtime for that up-and-coming young rancher
8.Lot/Tag: 8
Consignor: Hofing Performance Livestock Farm, LLC
Name: EZ Stay Bars
Value: $250.00
Footnote: One set of aluminum EZ-Stay bars ''Custom Painted'' to buyer's wants/needs. Easily fits over square or rounded panels for working cattle at home or on the road. Keeps your animal in one place. Great for the wash rack, show stall, or sale.
9.Lot/Tag: 9
Consignor: Wimmer's Custom
Name: Cowhide Covered Ottoman
Value: $400.00
Footnote: Quality-built ottoman covered with genuine cowhide, hand crafted on rich brown wooden body and legs with leather trim accent.
10.Lot/Tag: 10
Consignor: Cindy Ahearn
Name: American Flag Wall Hanging
Value: $125.00
Footnote: 2'x3.5' American Flag reclaimed pallet wood by Timeless American Goods
11.Lot/Tag: 11
Consignor: Katie Rosman/Rosman Angus/Head Catch Creations
Name: Cowhide Laptop Case and Leather Wrapped Flask
Value: $100.00
Footnote: Red Salt & Pepper Cowhide Laptop case fits 13" laptop Flask is food-grade stainless steel wrapped with embossed, stitched leather
12.Lot/Tag: 12
Consignor: Bloom Angus Farm, Don & Carol Bloom
Name: Plant Holder
Value: $225.00
Footnote: Attractive cow and calf on top of a weather vane. Below is a place to hang 2 hanging baskets. It is around 7ft tall that can be taken apart into 2 separate pieces for easy transportation. We can ship it or it can be picked up on our farm.
13.Lot/Tag: 13
Consignor: Paige Wallace Photography
Name: Two Hour Photo Session
Value: $400.00
Footnote: Two hour session could either be a family session or promotional ranch photos. The purchaser will be responsible for paying any additional travel costs. However, Paige travels frequently to various livestock shows. Additional time can also be purchased for the session.
14.Lot/Tag: 14
Consignor: Sunrise Sunset Farms
Name: Custom Made Leather Camera Strap
Value: 100-175
Footnote: Custom made leather camera strap
15.Lot/Tag: 15
Consignor: Carol Martin
Name: American West Leather Tote Bag
Value: $389.00
Footnote: This is a large American West leather tote bag. It is a beautiful brown leather with tooling along the bottom portion of the bag. The dimensions of the bag are 8" x 15" X 12" tall.
16.Lot/Tag: 16
Consignor: Anne Lampe
Name: Original Photo Canvas Print
Value: $150.00
Footnote: 16 x 20 canvas original photo - show heifer head
17.Lot/Tag: 17
Consignor: Certified Angus Beef, LLC
Name: The Ultimate Certified Angus Beef Brand Dining Package
Value: $250.00
Footnote: This ultimate dining package contains a $100 gift certificate for Certified Angus Beef brand steaks shipped directly to your door, along with our favorite grilling and dining accessories. A distinctive grilling set, meat thermometer, cherry cutting board, and apron help bring your best beef meals to the table. Wine glasses and steak knives add to the elegance and table conversation.

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