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Item Description
1.Miller Genuine Draft Sign (LIGHT WORKS)
2.Schmidt Welcome Sign (LIGHT WORKS)
3.Schmidt Clock (Works)
4.Schmidt Hospitality Starts Here..
5.Spirt of St. Louis Wall Phone (Works).....
6.Schmidt Beer Light....(LIGHT WORKS)
7.Schmidt Beer Picture.....
8.Schmidt Beer Light...(LIGHT WORKS)
9.Tequiza Light (LIGHT WORKS)
10.Marlboro Light (LIGHT WORKS)
11.Grain Belt Revolving Light......(WORKS)
12.Grain Belt Light(LIGHT WORKS)
13.Coca-Cola Hi-Top Table and Two Chairs
14.Double Dragon Video Game (Set for Quarters)
15.Big Strike Bowling Machine (Set up for 50 cents)
16.1930's Coca-Cola Pop Machine (Ready to Restore)
17.Phillips 66 Sign 80X80
18.Conoco Sign 92X26
19.Phillips 66 Sign 80X80
20.Texaco Motor Oil Sign Original 18X23
21.Royal Crown Cola Cooler w/Key
22.Coca-Cola 4FT Bench
23.Coca-Cola 4FT Bench
24.Coca-Cola Folding Chairs (2)
25.Coca-Cola Bar Stools
26.1930's Spanish Coca-Cola Table and 4 Chairs
27.Coca-Cola Button 16"
28.Coca-Cola Sign Original 2X3
29.Coca-Cola Round table and 2 Chairs 30"
30.Coca-Cola Coasters
31.Coca-Cola Coasters
32.Coca-Cola Straw Dispenser
33.Coca-Cola Hi-Top Table and Two Chairs